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The path of truth is difficult. It is more difficult to walk on. That is why people resort to lies, wrong, and fate and try to move forward in life. Sometimes they are successful too. But Satyarthi has difficulty but Because of their longevity and strong intelligence, they always look different from everyone.

One such person is Mr. Sunil Kumar, who was born in a middle family of Mohameda Gaon of Samastipur district,Since childhood he was showing talent. From an early age, they used to take part in social work. He used to feel sadness and pain in his eyes. At the age of child are about to play, they went to their father to Delhi. They Started the job in N . D . M . C. They were the Vice President. Ever never tolerate the officer's dadagiri. They were always ready to help to co-workers. They terminated from N.D.M.C just because of fight for co-worker. They were the Vice President of Delhi Transport Union. He worked a lot for the interests of the employee. In Civil Defense also worked for about fifteen years. They also hold post holder there. 

In Tilak Nagar, he carried out the responsibility of the president with great respect and he had good access to all the communities. They were the President of Residential Welfare Association(RWA). They make whatever they get from them. Due to being the master of this art, the number of his friends is above thousands. They are not happy about any introduction. People give their introduction by taking their name. High dignitaries of his work where he used to work great respect because he is sure of time and promise.

He is no match for honoring all the communities in respect of all religions. They always help poor people who is living in poor life. He used to make a lot of humorous fun to the poor labours who worked hard to extinguish the fire of their stomach in Delhi. Seeing all these difficulties and their live-in life, they used to think about doing something for them. 

In this sequence, he founded Bihar Swabhiman Sangh.The purpose of which is to serve them without discrimination and language discrimination. Improve their social, economic status. Education is such a light. By which people get rid of the pain of their life.Their aim is to make education accessible to all. All think for themselves. We are people in the world who think of humanity. Mr. Sunil Kumar is the wealthy personality of such a personality.

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